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"The shows that the Noordam singers and dancers put on were the best shows that I have seen on any cruise ship..."

"This group of HAL singers and dancers were all of NYC quality. Droom and Classique were stupendous productions!"

"The singers and dancers were some of the best we have seen and we went to repeats of their shows as we were on for 31 days and the second and third time were just as good as the first."

"Ive been on a lot of cruises with Holland and seen all of the shows and entertainment, but I have to say that this group of Noordam singers and dancers were the best that Ive ever seen."

"The HAL ship singers and dancers were outstanding, as they have been on all of our previous cruises. It amazes us how well they perform together and the complicated and extravagant productions they are able to carry off flawlessly."

"We have travelled with three other cruise lines - and we have found the standard of your on-board singers and dancers to be extremely high; this, coupled with the excellent lighting and stage effects, have made for very enjoyable entertainment."



"Mr. Cass' production is as filled with as many beautiful, heartfelt performances as it is with songs that will haunt you after the final curtain. Kyle Michael Kuhlman is outstanding as Mark. his strength and charisma leads this talented ensemble, especially in the title number, "La Vie Boheme" and the "Tango Maureen." Kyle's work is simply steller." 

--Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review



"The music and lyrics, while catchy and sexual are not ones you will hum on the way out of the theater, but this energetic cast will make you glad you had the experience. Sure, this is not typical fare for your night at the theater, and perhaps this would be a very late night show for those who enjoy staying out late and for some this show might be a real “turn on”, making audience members rush to get home ( someone’s home)!"

 ---Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago


"The musical review doesn’t only toy with kinky costumes and overbearing urges. Throughout the act, cast members reveal true sexual and personal facts about their selves that are beautiful and sometimes pretty funny. They tell sentimental stories of their sexual past and stand bare, metaphorically, for their audience. The literally bare part comes later."

---Devlyn Camp, Chicago Theatre Review


"The James Downing Theatre's production of Little Women - the Musical does a wonderful job of capturing the endearing characters and heartwarming moments of the story...It is sweet and funny and has all the integral elements of a musical. You will leave the theater entertained and buoyed by this tale of hope, love and the ties of family and friendship that endure."

--- Anuja Vaidya, Chicago Theater Beat


"Little Women exceeded all my expectations. It was...stunning. Literally, I was stunned. The talent and charisma on display in this unassuming space will shock you out of your folding-chair stupor... Kyle Kuhlman also stands out as Jo's high-spirited neighbor, Laurie. Kuhlman's effortless charm and infectious energy infuse the stage with a playful sparkle."

---Off-Broadway In Chicago



"At one point Wesley even engages in rodentlike combat with Cinderella's ally, Ratford (the engaging Kyle Michael Kuhlman), who is "transmogrified" from his puppet incarnation to a human one." 

--- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-times


"Godmother (Jennifer T. Grubb) with the assistance of a magicked rat (Kyle Michael Kuhlman) and pumpkin does the job as prescribed."

 --- Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat



"What they have on their stage is an incredible version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber." 

---Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago


"Big Noise Theater’s new production, helmed by Stacey Flaster succeeds on every level.   Ms. Flaster allows Superstar to be character driven and every performance she elicits from the phenomenal cast is powerful."

---Michael Roberts, Showbiz Chicago



"Reefer Madness may be the surprise hit of the season. A show that could have been a nudge-nudge-wink-wink exercise in low comedy absurdity turns into two hours of creative, high spirited entertainment, as impressive and amusing a presentation as I've ever seen at this theater." 

---Dan Zeff, Chicago Theater Review

"This is a fast paced two hour show that depends on a strong cast to work and as I said earlier, this is one of the best cast shows that this company has ever put on their stage"
---Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago

"Much beyond what will harken fans of the film back to the original, Circle takes the shocking and provocative tone of the film and translates it into practically every other theatrical element imaginable."
---Rob Underwood, NewCity Chicago



"Smaller musical theater troupes always work at a handicap as they don’t have the big budgets that the Drury Lane, Marriott and Theater at The Center’s have, but somehow, someway, Big Noise, finds a way to bring a class act to the intimate stage of this theater."

---Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago




"Sparrow hits gorgeous operatic notes out of the park as Jenny Lind, and Kyle Kuhlman illuminates the stage (and executes impressive stunts) as a vertically challenged sideshow attraction."

---Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat


"They get all the great costumes and magical puppetry moments, as well as the chance to do circus tricks and gymnastics. Plus, there are several featured spots of note. Kyle Kuhlman is a delightful Tom Thumb, singing "Bigger Isn't Better" and dancing from a giant chair; Erin White delivers a wry comic turn as Joice Heth, Barnum's supposed 160-year-old woman; and Tamara White is a sultry blues singer."

---John Olson, Talkin Broadway


"It's bread and circus time! Quest Theatre's free, charmingly handmade pageants have been entertaining locals for years now. Their latest piece, a reworking of a Cy Coleman Broadway musical, brings puppets and gumption to bear on the ballyhooed life of PT Barnum, impresario, shuckster and American Icon."

---Lisa Findley, Centerstage

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